The process


Our WTF school is consciously and intentionally designed according to our research-based process. It is carefully constructed to maximize deep learning, full integration and IRL application.

The WTF Content Hub

There will be one central content hub that will be your homebase for all things WTF! Each week, the content for that week's module will be posted in the same place. One streamlined, easy-to-follow process. One location. One login.

The core components of the course: 

The Weekly Talk: The first thing you'll do each week is watch a 30-60 minute talk from yours truly. Think of it like our weekly coffee date. It will introduce and explain the concept and the frameworks of that week's topic. I say, "watch", but because everyone learns differently, you actually can choose to read the transcript or listen to the audio on the go instead. 

The Weekly Workbook: After you watch the lecture, you'll dive into the weekly companion workbook PDF that will provide your agenda and instructions for your assignments and activities for the week. You can record answers, take notes, and complete exercises within the PDF on whatever device you choose, or you can print it out and put pen to paper. 

Weekly Self Check-In & Integration Process: At the end of each week, you'll also complete our WTF self check-in worksheet to reflect on your process and progress, what's going well and what's feeling challenging and frustrating. There are also questions specific to each week's frameworks that are designed to help you integrate and process most effectively. 


Daily Writing Practice: In addition to weekly check-ins, you'll be encouraged to experiment with a daily "journal gym", stretching and training the muscles we’re working for a few minutes each day through specific daily original written exercises. While not required, it is one of the ways to get the most out of the course and to begin to integrate what you're learning into your life on a daily basis (i.e. see and feel tangible results). Plus, we make it really fun!

Bonus resources: Some weeks will offer additional materials that are designed to enhance your experience of that week's materials by adding a mixed media component to keep your brain on its toes, like guided visualization recordings and one-page cheatsheets.

Live Q&A sessions

Don't worry! You're not totally on your own! Several times throughout the course we’ll gather on a group call to keep you motivated and clear. Bring all your questions and have them answered live.

The Forum

In between and 24/7, we’ll stay fired up and focused in our confidential group forum, where you can support and be supported, inspire and be inspired, by your fellow WTFees. 


The Proven 8-Week Structure:

Part 1: Strategies & Tactics for Getting Unstuck

Week 1 | How the F*** Did I Get Here? // The Unlearning

Week 2 | WTF is Up with this Human OS? // Our Navigation System Itself

Week 3 | Where the F*** Am I Going, Again?// Navigating Towards Purpose

Part 2: Strategies & Tactics for Making it Happen

Week 4 | How the F*ck Are You Walking Around Like That? // HAYWALTs™ and The Life Purge

Week 5 | WTF Do I Even Want? // The Life Shop

Week 6 | WTF Is Manifesting? // Making This Sh*t Real

Part 3: Strategies & Tactics for Keeping it Going

Week 7 | WTF Do I Do Now? // Creating Conditions for Sustainable Creativity & Growth

Week 8 | Loving WTF You Are Doing with Your Life // Endings and Beginnings